Kombucha is called the “miracle cure-all” drink. NOW AVAILABLE IN CEBU CITY!

The secret of Kombucha is that it cures a multitude of illnesses alternatively including cancer. Kombucha boosts the immune system to fight cancer and other debilitating sicknesses attaining a healthy balance of  the metabolism and body organs. 

Called the ‘miracle cure-all’, Kombucha has been made at home for health and vitality by many generations around the world.

Kombucha drinkers around the world have reported a massive list of ailments and sicknesses which have responded positively to drinking Kombucha on a regular basis.The secret of Kombucha is not that it ‘cures’ a multitude of illnesses but, that it boosts your body’s own system to fight those sicknesses. It does have various components, which on their own fight problems, but its probioitic properties are what make Kombucha tea so extraordinary.

Kombucha tea is probiotic, detoxifying, and energizing. It helps build up immune systems, fights yeast infections and helps joint problems.This sparkling tea is a powerful health drink, which is reported to be the answer to many health problems. Pronounced [Com-boo-cha], It is made and drunk around the world. It has been a ‘secret formula’ for those ‘in the know’ and a lifesaver for many a poor person in the less blessed nations.

Kombucha works with your body to boost its natural, inbuilt ability to fight sickness and disease as well as bring a healthy balance back to your metabolism and organs. Because it has been around for so long, many researchers, chemists and others from the medical profession have spent time investigating the sometimes quite astonishing results from this natural remedy. Even the FDA (food and drug administration) have researched Kombucha.

You have probably heard people say that “anything that is good for you tastes bad.” Well, Kombucha doesn’t fit into that category. It is a very pleasant tasting drink, so much so, that many people use it as a drink for guests and special occasions. Sparkling and a pleasant taste, you can even change the flavor to suit yourself.

Could you have better health? Need a stronger immune system? Want to get rid of sickness in your body? Want to ensure that you stay healthy? Could you do with more energy and vitality? Want better skin? Have you ‘tummy’ problems?

No matter how bad your situation is, you should consider if this inexpensive, easy to make health drink is for you.


KOMBUCHA is beneficial for the whole body. Kombucha

  • strengthens the immune system,
  • fights yeast infections,
  • aids in metabolism,
  • helps joint problems, and
  • treats the sense of well being of the body.

The mushroom juice is able to go to the root cause of the body’s ailments.

Kombucha research states that properly cultivated KOMBUCHA:

  • Helps to prevent the formations of certain types of cancerous cells
  • Helps to prevent wrinkling and removal of brown spots, i.e., it is a skin moisturizer when applied topically and simultaneously taken internally – working from within to without, and from without to within.
  • Reduces hot flashes during menopause
  • Counteracts chronic constipation
  • Strengthens kidney and bladder functions
  • Tones the heart, thus helping to prevent heart attacks
  • Helps to lowers blood pressure and cholesterol deposits by softening veins and arteries.
  • Guards against and helps heal arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, arthritis and ischmatic attacks.
  • Assists in the treatment of thrombosis and thrombophlebitis
  • Alleviates insomnia
  • Aids digestion
  • Assists in liver dysfunction and the liver’s detoxification process
  • Alleviates many allergies and aching nerves
  • Reenergizes muscles
  • Helpful in the treatment of cataracts and other cornea problems
  • Stimulates cleansing of the gall bladder, and alleviates colitis and nervous   stomach
  • Helps weight control by stimulating greater fat metabolism (burning off fat)
  • Assists to level off glucose, thus helping to avoid sudden drops of blood sugar in diabetics.  Also, if taken daily, will optimize urea levels in approximately 100 days.
  • Useful co-therapy in cases of bronchitis, asthma, coughs, usually alleviating these conditions in tow to three days.
  • Stimulates health hair growth, thickening hair and helping to eliminate grey hair, thus long term aid in avoiding balding.  (Baldness, once established, cannot be reversed)
  • Useful in preventing and treating gout and ulcers.
  • By energizing and rejuvenating cells and tissues, it improves sexual potency.

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