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This beverage can do wonders to your health! It contains antioxidants, kills harmful bacteria and may help fight several diseases including Cancer.

Kombucha is a sugar-tea solution fermented by bacteria and yeast commonly known as a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). A SCOBY is the collection of microbes responsible for turning sweet tea into a probiotic beverage...

How I Accidentally Love Kombucha

My first sip of kombucha did not go as planned. I’d heard about this fizzy, fermented tea of sorts. I’d heard it might serve to settle your guts after you’d possibly abused them by eating too many cheeseburgers and drinking too many Manhattans. I’d heard it had probiotics, which sounded like it made sense — isn’t that what the queen of healthy guts, Jamie Lee Curtis is always talking about? I’d also heard that it tasted really weird, which is ordinarily something I’m keen decide for myself. But for some reason, whether it’s the bottles it is usually packaged in or the hefty price tag, I still expected that it was going to taste vaguely like juice.

For those of you who are not already laughing at me, kombucha does not taste like juice...

Kombucha Sold in Cebu

The Weird Side Effects Of Drinking Kombucha Every Day For A Week

Can a fermented tea really be a miracle in a glass bottle, or is it just an overhyped sip parading as a health drink? One skeptic puts it to the test.

I’ve been side-eyeing kombucha for a while. The devotees I know guzzle it like holy water, bragging about better bowel movements and superman-like immune systems. Still, I was skeptical of spending 25 pesos a pop on any drink, let alone a trendy beverage without a lot of research to back up the raves. Could a fermented tea really be a miracle in a glass bottle, or is it just an overhyped sip parading as a health drink? 

Like any good reporter, I decided to give the elixir a weeklong taste test, downing one kombucha a day to see what would happen. The results surprised even a cynic like me. Here’s what I discovered.

Like what y...

What Kombucha Really Is, For Those Of You Who Drink It But Don’t Really Know

You might pick up a bottle when stopping in at Whole Foods, you might really love the slight effervescence and its sweet-tart flavor reminiscent of a green apple, but do you know what kombucha actually is? Considering the fact that kombucha has reached multi-million dollar industry level, it’s high time we all get to the bottom of what this drink is made of.

 Kombucha is fermented sweet tea that has been enjoyed throughout Asia for centuries. It is most commonly made with black, oolong, green or white tea and is sometimes mixed with juices for additional flavor. The sweetened-with-sugar tea is made by adding bacteria and yeast to it and letting it sit for about 2-4 weeks to ferment. The final product is not sweet, the sugar is added just to aid in the fermentation process...

11 Kombucha Facts You Should Know Before Giving It a Try

By Kristine Thomason

If you do any shopping at health food stores, you’ve no doubt noticed kombucha teas taking over the shelves. Your foodie friends may swear by the fizzy stuff. But if you haven’t jumped on the kombucha bandwagon yet, there are a few things you might want to know—like it’s a probiotic (yay!) and guzzling too much can cause serious bodily harm (yikes). Read on for 11 useful facts that will impress even your most kombucha-obsessed pals.

It’s not just a fad

Kombucha has actually been around for thousands of years. In fact, it first appeared in China in 220 BC.

It’s made with microbes

To make kombucha, sugar-sweetened tea is fermented with a starter culture to create an “effervescent, tangy-tart end product,” says Wendy Bazilian, RD, co-author of Eat Clean, Stay Lean...

Facts About Kombucha, the Fermented Tea Drink

Kombucha is a slightly acidic, fermented drink made from a base of tea, sugar, good bacteria and yeast. It originated in China about 2,000 years ago. It has been growing in popularity at health food stores and among holistic health consumers, who drink it for its many alleged health benefits.

To make kombucha, a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or a “SCOBY,” is added to the tea and sugar, and the mixture is allowed to ferment. The result is a beverage that some say smells like beer and tastes like fizzy apple cider. Others say it tastes like wine; other say it tastes like vinegar. Though this fizzy drink is sometimes called kombucha mushroom tea, there are no mushrooms in it.

Fans of kombucha have attributed several health claims and positive effects to the tea, the...

Happy Birth Day Kombucha Philippines!

Happy Birth Day Kombucha! The Official Website of Borvo Kombucha.