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10 Kombucha Facts You Should Know Before Giving It a Try

By Kristine Thomason

If you do any shopping at health food stores, you’ve no doubt noticed kombucha teas taking over the shelves. Your foodie friends may swear by the fizzy stuff. But if you haven’t jumped on the kombucha bandwagon yet, there are a few things you might want to know—like it’s a probiotic (yay!) and guzzling too much can cause serious bodily harm (yikes). Read on for 11 useful facts that will impress even your most kombucha-obsessed pals.

It’s not just a fad

Kombucha has actually been around for thousands of years. In fact, it first appeared in China in 220 BC.

It’s made with microbes

To make kombucha, sugar-sweetened tea is fermented with a starter culture to create an “effervescent, tangy-tart end product,” says Wendy Bazilian, RD, co-author of Eat Clean, Stay Lean...

BORVO Kombucha, What’s in it?

The legacy of kombucha is a passionate and addicted following of healthy individuals whose beneficial experiences with it have motivated them to share this delicious health brew throughout the ages. Kombucha is not a bottle of aspirin. There is no heavy-handed prescription that says, “Take two and your headache will go away.” Kombucha is primarily a food, like yogurt or sauerkraut. As such, its long, successful history of consumption by humans leaves our primary research institutions with no need to delve too deeply into it. However, a search of published scientific papers on kombucha will turn up a respectable showing on the positive effects that kombucha has been shown to have on various diseases...

Kombucha Side Effects: The Healing Crisis

The Healing Crisis; When its good to feel bad.

It is very common to wonder about Kombucha Tea side effects, especially because our diets often lack fermented foods or probiotics. Introducing probiotics, new types of nutrition and cleansing is sure to bring benefits and side effects.

The good news is, those who drink Kombucha say that Kombucha adverse effects (which only a small percentage of them experienced) are temporary while the benefits of Kombucha (which nearly everyone says they see some kind of benefit) increase over time.

That’s because any side effects of Kombucha come from the body’s own toxins, not the Kombucha, which is simply helping you rid yourself of these built up toxins from past foods, pollution, stresses and other behaviors.

Let’s delve further into Kombucha s...

BORVO Kombucha Frequently Asked Questions

BORVO Kombucha Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I drink BORVO Kombucha?

Drinking Kombucha promotes better health by detoxifying and improving the efficiency of your digestive system which boosts immunity. All fermented foods are good for you in this regard – let your palate help you decide which ones are a good fit for you!

How much BORVO Kombucha should I drink?

It is recommended to begin drinking 100ml-250ml on an empty stomach 2x a day followed by plenty of water to flush the toxins. Over time, you can increase your intake as your body craves it.

What are the “probiotics” in kombucha? And why are they good for us?

BORVO Kombucha hosts billions of probiotics in every bottle. Here are the details:

      • Beneficial bacteria and yeasts (acetic acetobacter, lactobacillus, saccharom...