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What Kombucha Really Is, For Those Of You Who Drink It But Don’t Really Know

You might pick up a bottle when stopping in at Whole Foods, you might really love the slight effervescence and its sweet-tart flavor reminiscent of a green apple, but do you know what kombucha actually is? Considering the fact that kombucha has reached multi-million dollar industry level, it’s high time we all get to the bottom of what this drink is made of.

 Kombucha is fermented sweet tea that has been enjoyed throughout Asia for centuries. It is most commonly made with black, oolong, green or white tea and is sometimes mixed with juices for additional flavor. The sweetened-with-sugar tea is made by adding bacteria and yeast to it and letting it sit for about 2-4 weeks to ferment. The final product is not sweet, the sugar is added just to aid in the fermentation process...